A review of the fifth dimension in science

Gerald R. Baron
15 min readSep 26, 2023
Illustration by the author. One idea explored here is that of an additional dimension of time. Physicist Tim Andersen shows how such an idea eliminates entropy and the linearity of history. To grasp this I conceived of time as a sphere in the same way we can conceive of space a sphere. We know we can move in space. What if we could similarly move in time? A video linked below explains.

The fifth dimension conjecture — an introduction

This is the beginning of a new project which may result in a series of posts on Medium. Readers of my now nearly 290 posts on Medium will know that my passion here is to try to integrate what I consider the two primary sources of truth: revelation and science. When I say revelation I am referring mostly to two sources: Holy Scripture (as C.S. Lewis called the Bible) and the teachings of mystics. Mystical teaching may be discounted by most believers, but I have come to believe that much truth can be gained in an extra-sensory way through the mystical-spiritual experiences of many.

For many or most today science is the primary or even exclusive source of truth. Science has revealed a great deal about the nature and workings of our universe. The two sources of truth are seen as conflicting by a great many –– a belief based largely on philosophical claims of some scientists and philosophers who go beyond known science. In upcoming posts I plan to explore beliefs from both theistic and physicalist perspectives and identify where there is clear conflict and where there is concord or consonance.

Integrating faith and science to arrive at an understanding that reflects both sources requires that both be taken seriously. Perhaps such integration is impossible. Through intensive reading and study the last five years I have focused on two major ideas that provide a potential basis for integration. One is the concept of Spirit as the substrate of mind and matter. particularly in the idea known as dual aspect monism. The other is the possibility of a fifth dimension.

It is this second idea that is explored here. I call it “the fifth dimension conjecture.” Before diving into the theological implications of a fifth dimension, we’ll start with a summary review of what current science thinking is on the possibility of a fifth dimension of time and space.

An overview of the science of a fifth dimension

This is intended only to give a flavor of some of the recent science articles discussing the possibility of the fifth dimension. It will become clear that the main thing that is consistent is the idea of an additional dimension. How…



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