Physicalism Must Keep the Divine Foot Out of the Door

The fourth in the series on the Case Against Physicalism, this explores the primary motive behind the strong defense of this belief system. As the evolutionary biologist who discussed the motivation, it also explains why those committed to physicalism are willing to turn a blind eye to its rather obvious problems.

Image: Tim Mossholder on unsplash. More than blocked, committed physicalist will board up the door of science and philosophy and defend it with emotional intensity. In doing so, they must intentionally turn a blind eye to counter-facts and ideas. It’s necessary to keep the Divine Foot out of the door of science.

“Fanaticism is always a sign of repressed doubt.”

As Karen Armstrong explained, when observing a loss of a once dominant position their favored beliefs held in their culture the most conservative among any group of believers will react with increasing stridence leading in some cases to violence. This human response is the source of what Armstrong defines as fundamentalism.

Image: Wikipedia. Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-developer of evolution. Darwin and Wallace had a friendly relationship but differed greatly on the issue of whether the evidence from evolution pointed to design or intention. Wallace contributed greatly to the emerging science and is the father of biogeography. Perhaps those that see in evolution some form of guidance rather than pure random chance should be called Wallacians instead of Darwinians or new-Darwinians.
Image: John Fowler on unsplash. Noted atheist and anti-Christian crusader Francis Crick developed the idea of “directed panspermia.” After a lifetime of research into the nature and origin of life, including co-discovering the double helix of DNA with James Watson, Crick believed it was most likely that life was transferred to earth from some distant locale by an intelligent agent. This belief did not draw the ire of physicalists despite it dancing on the fringes of external causality.

Husband, father, grandfather, semi-retired, farm advocate, author, communicator. Deeply curious about science, nature, spirit and history.

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